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Young people's housing and support options in Devon

Virtual Tours of Supported Housing Projects

You may have been told that you are being referred to a supported housing project and have concerns around what this means. This page contains virtual tours of the supported housing projects young people may access in Devon. The videos  feature young people and contain information about the support you will receive, what your accommodation will look like and the rules you will have to live by. It is always important though to make your own mind up about a project and arranging a viewing can help you do this.

Supported Living Scheme (SLS) - Living with a host family

Progression Accomodation - Living with medium to high level support often in shared housing

Similar projects; Queen Street - Newton Abbot, 124 Project - Barnstaple, Highland Villa - Ivybridge    

Move Through Project - Living with medium to low level support  often in a self contained flat

Similar projects; Leatside - Newton Abbot

All of these projects do a similar thing, although rules and layouts can differ. 

  • Paying ‘top-up’ on your rent
  • Mates being allowed round anytime or only at certain times
  • Overnight stays, or not!
  • Electricity being included, or having to pay it yourself
  • Sharing a kitchen or bathroom or having your own space

 Arrange a visit to the project so you can make up your own mind

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