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Understanding Your Teenager

The teenage years are a period of intense growth, not only physically but morally and intellectually and so it is understandable that it is a time of confusion and often conflict for many families. Although this is the case it is also a time to help kids grow into the distinct individuals they will become.

Often with adolescence comes a dramatic change in behaviour as they start to move away from their parents and become more independent. Also at this time they are increasingly aware of how others, especially peers, see them and try hard to fit in. These peers often become more important when making decisions than their parents.

The primary goal of adolescence is to gain independence and for this to happen they will start pulling away from their parents, most often the parent they are closest to. Often they will not want to be around their parents the same way they used to. As they are developing their moral code, often kids who have been willing to conform will start having their own opinions and asserting these.

It can be useful to ask yourself, ‘Am I a controlling parent?’, ’Do I listen to my child?’ and ‘Do I allow my child to form their own opinions?’


Behavioural Specialist

This video contains helpful information for parents/carers helping to understand teenagers' behaviour and how to deal with it.

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