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Nightstop Devon

Nowhere to stay tonight?

If you are worried about where you are going to stay tonight, Nightstop Devon provides emergency overnight accommodation for young people between the ages of 16-25. On a night by night basis young people are placed in the homes of hosts who have been trained in homelessness and have also been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

If you are referred to Nightstop Devon you would need to provide 2 references. This could be from agencies that are working with you or people who know you well. This would help Nightstop to complete a risk assessment and identify a suitable host. Nightstop Devon would then work with you and any agencies to help find longer term accommodation.

You will get your own room, an evening meal and breakfast, a shower or bath, and the chance to do some laundry, as well as a friendly welcome! Your transport or train/bus fare will be provided.

You can stay on Nightstop Devon for up to a week (as long as there are hosts available) while you are supported to look for somewhere longer term.

Nightstop Devon covers Exeter, East and Mid Devon and Teignbridge.

To access Nightstop, contact your local council or other housing support in your area. For contact details  Click here

There is also information on direct contact to Nightstop in the links section of this website. Click Here

Nightstop Devon - The Guradian Award Video

Nightstop Devon have been awarded the Guardian Newspaper Charity of the Year Award for 2011. Dame Suzi Leather said “Nightstop Devon is an absolutely brilliant project and we wanted to recognise the fantastic match of public generosity for this really vulnerable group of people”. Please check out this video produced for the Guardian Awards giving a great insight into what Nightstop Devon do.




Crashpad Devon

Crashpad is an extension project to Nightstop. It provides short-term accommodation of up to eight weeks for young homeless people (aged 16-25) in the homes of trained volunteer hosts. Young people referred onto the Crashpad scheme will already have stayed on Nightstop for at least three nights. Nightstop staff will work with the young person and other agencies to develop an action plan for the young person during their stay on Nightstop. Crashpad aims to enable young people to maintain their employment/training/education as well as their friendship and support networks whilst they look for appropriate housing. Crashpad can also provide a period of respite away from the family home for young people, while the possibility of mediation and a return home is explored.

For more information contact Nightstop Devon Click Here

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