Young People's Housing Advice

Young people's housing and support options in Devon

Local Council Housing Department

If you have lived by yourself before or are already quite independent, you may feel that you don’t want the help that Children's Services offer. If you think this is the case, then speak to a worker in the housing department or YES centre.

A worker from the housing department can offer you specialist housing advice. They can also work with you and your family to sort out any problems to help you return home, but only if it safe for you to go back. The worker will assess whether you are responsible in some way for becoming homeless. If you are found to be responsible this will limit the help that a housing department can offer you.

The housing department will look at all sorts of options, such as projects that offer supported housing for young people. Speak to the adviser to find out where these projects are.


Local Council - The Inside Story

A short story about a young person who decided to be accommodated through the local council. He currently lives at the Hennis Project but this is not the only option that is available if you decide to go down the local council route.

Once they have supported you to find somewhere to live, it is likely that you would have less contact with the worker from the housing department. However, if you feel you need some help to make sure you settle into permanent accommodation, the housing worker will make sure that someone is able to meet you and offer some support.

If you need help with housing in the future and are over 18 years old, the housing department can still help, but not to the same extent that they can for care leavers. The housing department will not pay you any allowance or pay your rent. However, you can claim Job Seeker’s Allowance or Income Support if you are not working full-time, and you will be eligible to claim Housing Allowance to help pay for your rent. While it would be your responsibility to claim these benefits, the housing worker will help you by speaking to the right people who will help you make your claim.

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