Young People's Housing Advice

Young people's housing and support options in Devon

Family Breakdown

Relationships within the family home can break down for many reasons, such as –

  • House rules and boundaries being pushed
  • Not engaging with education, employment or training
  • Step families

As young people “grow up” it is natural that they will not see eye to eye with their parents/carers. However, moving out is not the only option that they have.

 Things that could help –

  • Talk it through but pick your moment
  • Talk to someone else to get support
  • Get help from a mediation service

Behavioural Specialist

This video contains helpful information for parents/carers helping to understand teenager's behaviour and how to deal with it

Over the last 12 months in Devon, 54% of young people who became homeless did so due to family breakdown. Do not leave it until it is too late, there is support for your family out there. For more information contact your local council or young persons support service.



Family Mediation

What is mediation?

Mediation is where a third party, often a professional, helps people to be able to talk through what has gone wrong and work towards a way forward. Having a third party there can help to minimise arguments and disagreements. It can also help to have someone looking at the situation from outside and be able to provide ways forward.

This video contains a reconstruction of a young person who received support to return home.



Referral procedures

If you are currently experiencing difficulties with your teenagers' behaviour or feel that communication has broken down between you, there is support out there. Family mediation and referrals into the Family Intervention Service, part of Children's Services, can be offered at your local council or other housing support service. For contact information on your local services Click Here

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