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Asked To Leave Home


Returning Home

Most often returning home is your best option (unless you are at risk) and there is support to help you with this. If your relationship has broken down with your parents/carers it is important to talk this through with them and to try to find a way forward. Sometimes having someone else there to support you with this can help.



What is mediation?

Mediation is where a third party, often a professional, helps people to be able to talk through what has gone wrong and work towards a way forward. Having a third party there can help to minimise arguments and disagreements. It can also help to have someone looking at the situation from outside and be able to provide ways forward.

Who provides mediation?

If you are currently experiencing difficulties at home or you feel that communication has broken down between you and your family, there is support out there. Family mediation and referrals into the Family Intervention Service, part of 'Children's Services', can be offered at your local council or other housing support service. For contact information on your local services Click Here

Please watch the following video showing the support a young person has recieved to return home. 


If mediation doesn't work for you?

Sometimes unfortunately relationships have broken down so much that mediation is not an option or it is unsafe for you to return home. If this is the case it is important to know your options and the local housing support that you may be entitled to and how to access it. It is important to understand your options and what is available for you locally. It can be helpful to discuss these options with someone else so you get the right support that you need. The links below provide further information and video case studies from young people around the main routes you can access for accommodation and the realities of these options.



For information on the standard housing pathway that a young homeless person will go through Click Here

For information on the local council route and the support you will receive Click Here

For information on the Children's Services route and the support you will receive Click Here

Virtual Tours showing three different types of supported accommodation Click Here


Left home and staying with friends?

If you are currently staying between friends (‘Sofa Surfing’), it is important to understand the impact of this and how not accessing support can affect your life. Want to find out more? Click Here

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